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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries regarding our products, please have a look at our Frequently asked questions to see if we can answer your questions If we haven’t got the answer you are looking for please call 0800 22 8422

Xcel is a combination of herbs that assists with improving memory and concentration.It can be taken twice daily-1 morning and 1 at night
There are no known side-effects, however one should be aware of possible drowsiness, headache or dizziness
Yes,as a daily immune booster- 1-2 tablets daily
Caution in diabetics as it may lower blood sugar levels.Blood sugar must be monitored
Pressure-eeze is a multi-herbal formulation for mild to moderate hypertension .It also has “claming herbs” for stress-ed-induced high blood pressure.Press-eeze Forte is a single herb formulation that contains Rauwolfia serpentina for moderate to severe hypertension.
Not recommended as the formulation is designed to stop bleeding of haemorrhoids.Therefore blood clotting will be affected
No,as the tablet formulation is more potent. The Syrup is indicated for children.Tablets can be given from 12 years of age in children
You can take Tibb Flu-relief syrup, However it is not recommended during the first trimester
Yes, some of the herbs may lower blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels should be monitored as a precaution.
Normal daily dose is 1 tablet twice a day. The maximum dose is 2 tablets twice a day,in severe cases
No,the capsule shells are derived from bovine gelatine
Yes, Halaal certification is from India, where the capsule shells are bovine-gelatine which is halaal certified
All Tibb products are lactose and gluten free.Most of the tablets are sugar-free as well.
Capsules (in adults and children over 12 years) – normal daily dose is 1 capsule twice daily.Oil in adults and children over 12 years-daily dose of 5ml daily
Yes, 2 tablets daily or in the event of chronic sinusitis/hayfever – one may take the normal dose of 2 tablets three times daily
Gynaecare is to treat menstrual irregularities and infertility. Menoherb is for management of pre/post menopausal symptoms